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Hinge system

Elite Power Hinges provide a 3000-pound weight limit with their solid steel shell, 3/4" stainless steel pin, and brass bushings to allow the gate to float open and closed. When installed properly this saves unnecessary stress to actuators, in turn extending the life of your equipment:

- Cold rolled steel, heavy duty hinge designed for a minimum 1.5" gate frame

- Two 5/8" ball bearings for smooth operation

- 3/4" solid stainless steel, tempered shaft weight capacity per pair: 3000 lbs

Our step by step process for creating your entry system


The first part of our research was that we had to find the correct Operator System with the right team and men to back the name. We find U.S. Automatic to be incredibly knowledgeable and reliable, providing the most durable Operator available in the light industrial heavy residential market. They offer a solid 5 year warranty on all parts and components and 3 years on control boards. We are proud to extend this warranty in addition to our 5 year mechanical operation warranty, which covers all mounting devices and structural integrity of all mechanisms we install. What a better way to insure a trouble free gate system?


Our powdercoating process was handed off to our friends at Annodex. After searching the Rogue Valley for the right people, we found their service, accountability, turnaround time, and process to be of among the best in Southern Oregon. We are proud to partner Dale with our auto gate division, he has helped educate us in the process and researching the best ways to powdercoat existing Ameristar panels after modifications are made. He begins by thoroughly sand blasting each surface, even hand sanding as necessary. Next, a pre-phosphate treatment is applied to the raw metal to insure the powder properly bonds. The metal is then baked to heat the sub straight surface to 400 degrees to open up the molecules. At this point it is ready for Kirk to meticulously apply the powder to all surfaces. Now it is ready for its final bake at 400 degrees for approximately 45 minutes. Racks are then removed from the oven where they are allowed to cool down and our coating to set. In addition to our basic colors, Dale has been very helpful in providing a wide variety colors and hammer tones to our customers.

Our great customer service extends to all of our services. Give us a call today.


Choose Precision Fence Co for quality entry systems

Our goal is to give you gates that are worry-free and low maintenance. Our automated gates and entry systems improve the value and look of your property at affordable prices.


Build the kit

Before any of this matters, all layout, elevation, slope, and function of gate, design, and engineering must be thoroughly considered and accounted for. That is where our expert gate design team comes in to play.

A location is specified by you. We make necessary suggestions to location considering environment and function. After consideration the specific location is determined.

Next, the operation of the gate is then discussed. How does one enter? Using a key pad or remote is the most common way. To exit maybe you would like to have the gate open as you approach the gate with an exit probe sensor. There are many various options and features available. How about a wireless intercom system?

Next thing to consider would be how we are going to charge the interstate, 12 volt deep cycle battery. As a standard we use the 6 watt solar collector, or with a 110 power supply, we can plug in an Accusense charger. You can also choose to upgrade to a Surcharge battery charger and battery conditioner.  For shaded locations or light restrictive conditions, we may suggest upgrading to a 10 or 30 watt solar collector

Now, on to our designer. Taking in to account structure and your plan or vision for the gate, we offer suggestions or solutions to achieve the perfect look and function for you and your new entry way.

After meeting engineering and mechanical standards, the entry system package is then ready for fabrication.

Pre-built hinge post and control setup

Block hinges are full welded to post, with control arm, necessary gussets, or structural reinforcement in our shop and skillfully installed on site.

Latch post side-single swing

Latch plate is then installed on opposite side to allow gate to stop in position and not stress equipment in windy conditions. We also mount a rubber stop to the plate to prevent surfaces from impacting.

Double gates or master slave set

Double gate systems' posts will mirror each other.

This method is applied to our entry systems and has been adapted for round pipe applications such as chain link or basic field fence barrier gates.


Whether you are looking for a simple convenient entryway or the most elaborate you can possibly imagine, all you need to do is to call our expert team, and we can make it happen. Come to us with your ideas, and let us help you design the gate of your dreams with precision results and function.

Fabrication and preparation

The proper materials are cut and staged in our shop.

Hinges are fully welded to post and gate vertical member.

Control arm gussets are positioned and checked.

Goosenecks, control box stand, solar panel stands, and any other accessories are fabricated.

Package is then delivered to powder coating shop.

After coating, your new gate system is then ready for packaging, padding, pickup, and delivery to site